It's been almost a year since my last post. TBH I don't love my website and right now I am working on redesigning and rebranding....but that doesn't mean I have to neglect it.

Our world is in a crazy place right now. COVID-19 has changed everything about how we operate as a society. It has taken people we love, it has taken jobs, security, in some cases sanity (moms you hear me) but in this season I have chosen to focus not on what it has taken...because that's immeasurable...but what it has given.

COVID-19 has given me, has given us time....time with our loved ones, time to think, time to reflect, time to slow down and refocus.

The last recession our country experienced was not quite as drastic as a world wide pandemic...but the things that were born from it have greatly altered the way we live. These were born in the last recession...


We have gone through economic ups and downs over the years, did you know that these companies were born from recession economies?

General Electric
Year Launched: 1892
2019 Revenue: $95.2 Billion
General Motors
Year Launched: 1908
2019 Revenue: $137.2 Billion
Year Launched: 1911
2019 Revenue: $77.1 Billion
Year Launched: 1929
2019 Revenue: $69.6 Billion
Year Launched: 1939
2019 Revenue: $58.8 Billion
Trader Joe’s
Year Launched: 1958
2019 Revenue (Estimated): $13.3 Billion
Year Launched: 1971
2019 Revenue: $65.5 Billion
Year Launched: 1975
2019 Revenue: $125.8 Billion

I can't wait to see what comes out of this time. With every birth comes labor pains. We are strong and resilient and we WILL make it out of this.

So for the time being, I choose love, joy, faith, and to embrace this slow down to focus and dream and pour into my littles. I choose to focus on my marriage and not my income. I choose to practice being more grateful and to stop taking things for granted. I choose to pray harder and with more intention and to create better habits in my physical, mental and spiritual life.

Stay tuned for the new website coming soon..that is part of this rebirth too!!

Stay Safe and Stay Home!
xox Karissa


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